Garibaldi biscuits with raisins Apple and cinnamon
Sweet biscuits from two strips of sponge cake with a layer of ground with sugar currant berries invented in England in 1861. Just after the name of the Italian politician and commander became popular all over the world. In may 1860, Giuseppe Garibaldi, along with a detachment of volunteers landed in Sicily, then in just six months turned his "thousand" into a full-fledged army and defeated the forces of the Kingdom of Naples.
Already in 1862, all the lands of Italy were United into a single Italian Kingdom. Garibaldi retired, and biscuits named in his honor, and is now considered one of the most popular treats in England and the United States.


Package weight: 180 g
The attachment in the box: 20
Weight of the box: 3,6 kg

Shelf life: 12 months
Storage conditions: store in dry, clean, ventilated storage areas that are not infected by grain storage pests, at a maximum temperature of 25 °C and a relative humidity of 65-75 %.

Specification: 10.72.12-034-00346201-2018

Вывод сертификат

Пищевая ценность на 100 г. изделий


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