We invite school children for an interesting tour along the workshops of the only enterprise in Russia, specializing exclusively in the production of bagels (Russian Sushki and Russian Baranki) product range. Children as well as adults like Bagels (Russian Sushki and Russian Baranki). It is impossible to imagine usual nutrition without these products.

But how all these bagel and ring-shaped cracknels are born and the cookies that we eat almost every day? Children are unlikely to know. That’s why, we invite school children over 8 years old to make a leap into a real flour kingdom, where they will be able to see the process of production of starchy confectionery products from inside. Children will learn about an interesting production, the history of which dates back to 1966.


After a visit to our company, even the friskiest school children become more respectful to the bakery, because a huge labour has been contributed by a large team of people.

A dive into the world of flavors, familiar to us from childhood, begins with an introductory part, where all the participants of the tour are given out coats and one-use caps. Then our engineers take the guys to the production workshop, where the guests get acquainted with all the subtleties of creating bakery products. During the tour, the young guests will be able to watch the whole process of preparation of our products, starting with the dough kneading and finishing with baking. Children learn what their favoritebagels (Russian Sushki and Russian Baranki) are made of and what differs them from other products, where all the ingredients are mixed, how the flour moves to the production, how the packaging of products in a bright colorful packaging is done, as well as learn other trade secrets. Moreover, you can taste freshly baked products in the production workshop.


At the end of an exciting and informative tour, children will be able to have a rest. They will be treated with sweets produced at the plant. And the most active participants will be invited to take original pictures on the background of our decoration "OZBI Family."

The informative interesting tour delights not only children but also adults. And school children are allowed to take tasty gifts packed in brand bags from OZBI home.

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