Mini-bagels (sushki) simple

It is impossible to imagine a traditional Russian tea party without bagels (sushki). Bagels (sushki) is an ancient Slavic culinary product made of dough. Bagels (sushki) has gained wide popularity due to unpretentiousness and the ability to maintain their taste, nutritional and aesthetic qualities for a long time and without loss. Bagels (sushki) "Family OZBI" are made by the classical method of dough preparation with the use of sourdough and compliance with all necessary technological characteristics and parameters.

Weight of the box: 3,5 kg

Shelf life: 4 months
Storage conditions: store in dry, clean, ventilated storage areas that are not infected by grain storage pests, at a maximum temperature of 25 °C and a relative humidity of 65-75 %.


Specification: 9117-013-00346201-09

Вывод сертификат

Пищевая ценность на 100 г. изделий


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