Chocolate novelty!

There are tastes that, like a magical portal, instantly transfer to childhood. Through all the years. Through!.

Here, let's say, the taste of cocoa.

What is it - cocoa from your childhood? Soluble? You pour this with a spoon directly into milk and imagine

that this is real daddy's coffee and you are not in first class, but at work. With cocoa mustache and upper lip)

Or your cocoa - the one that mom cooks in a ladle in the evening? This cocoa always had foam.

Oh, that chocolate-milk film.

All people of the planet are divided into those who adore it, and those who "for nothing"!

But we are all united by the golden rule of childhood: everything that you dip in cocoa becomes chocolate! Through!.

Which means it's especially delicious. Everything is used: cookies, a piece of bread or drying.

Our chocolate mini dryers are not just crispy rings with cocoa.

This is a journey to a cozy family kitchen, where they remember whether you like foam.

Chocolate mini-drying "Family OZBI" - sweet, fragrant, crispy and chocolate. Through).