«OZBI Family»

In the year 2004 we have introduced our now famous trademark “OZBI Family” which includes the dry bagel category of products with numerous brands. The name of this trademark symbolizes, on one hand, assortment of our products and, on the other, refers to our consumers as a part of our family.

Our trademark “OZBI Family” includes the dry bagel category of products (baranki, sushki, mini-sushki), biscotti, prianiki, cookies, waffles.

«Galeri Galet»

Sitting in a chair, reading a book... some fascinating novel. You swallow it page by page. And experience want to drink something. Like tea. And tea want to eat something such, but you do not know what ... Candy – too sweet, and fingers do not want to stain. Too much cake. Most suitable cookies... and cookies from the brand "Galerie Galette" definitely fit! "Galerie Galette" is the Vernissage of the "cookies history" created by an interesting and non-trivial recipes. In General, this is an intelligent cookie, just for people reading books. And reading composition. Unique taste, natural and elegant form of products, natural ingredients, interesting and convenient packaging will delight and inspire You to new discoveries!


Bitcom pretzels - a super-effective novelty from the OZBI company!

They are not only shocking for their appearance, but also much more useful than many other snacks.

Bitcom pretzels are baked in an oven without roasting in butter, and sea salt contains minerals that are good for health.

Stylish wonder will be a real boon for food bloggers and fans of surprise. It is spectacular and aesthetic! A real sight on the plate!

For supporters of impeccable classics in the Bitcom assortment there is a classic golden-ruddy pretzel with sea salt.

Bitcom– useful snacks for every taste and color: noble aesthetics of black color or golden classics!.. And no matter which one you choose - every pretzel is a pleasure!


A simple solution is a real success in modern life.
Store shelves look like a noisy bright carnival. Each box screams exclusive offers and trendy outfits. But just as in the festive noise we want to find salvation in a quiet corner, our minds also yearn for the ease of choice.
"Simple" - understandable products at a bargain price. Let's not complicate things ;)