We are 55 years old!
We are 55 years old!

Was it a long time ago or just recently?

In 1966, so many cool things happened. Since then, our products have been on the table in every home. Let's remember the brightest news of that year together:

The Venera 3 Station became the first spacecraft on another planet.

The stations Taganskaya, Proletarskaya, Volgogradskiy Prospekt, Tekstilshchiki, Kuzminki, Ryazanskiy Prospekt and Zhdanovskaya (now Vykhino) of the Moscow Metro were opened.

Igor Moiseyev created the Young Ballet choreographic concert ensemble, now the theater of classical ballet by N. Kasatkina and V. Vasilev.

The film "The Elusive Avengers" is coming out

When the Soviet family sat down to drink tea, we shared her love for the taste and aroma of baked goods. It's nice that all these years we have delighted you with delicious and healthy treats.

Today, let us tell you more about ourselves: we have collected the coolest figures that we ourselves do not fully believe in: 300 people work in OZBI, we make more than 300,000 bagels and pretzels every day, more than 130 types of food are produced in OZBI!

The best gift you can give us today is to get together in the evening with the whole family for a cup of tea with our cookies, bagels or dryers.