«OZBI Family»

In the year 2004 we have introduced our now famous trademark “OZBI Family” which includes the dry bagel category of products with numerous brands. The name of this trademark symbolizes, on one hand, assortment of our products and, on the other, refers to our consumers as a part of our family.

Our trademark “OZBI Family” includes the dry bagel category of products (baranki, sushki, mini-sushki), biscotti, prianiki, cookies, waffles.


In the end of year 2006 we have launched our new state of the art production line, specialized on dry bread sticks manufacturing, and we have brought to the market our new brand of bread sticks “Manifesto”. This umbrella brand combines our exclusive products, mostly non-confectionery dry baked treats for family enjoyment and snacking. Breadsticks "MANIFESTO" - Italian appetizer to any dish or sauce!